Our Bodies

by Dog & Panther

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Andrew Kay
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Andrew Kay I will buy anything these people make Favorite track: Home.
Greater Alexander
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Greater Alexander I am so thankful and proud to be on such an in-depth record. The twists and turns that it puts you through as you listen feel like you are in a car that's unwinding towards down an untraveled path and all that's left are the thoughts that the driver holds. The Gardner is my personal favorite. I just remember watching that song and drum beat unfold over the period of 8 hours while John and Ian tinkered away. I'd sit there silently hearing melodies swirl in my mind. I am thankful to contribute. Favorite track: The Gardener.
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This is our second full album. It was all recorded in Michigan with the help of our friends.


released February 5, 2013

Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Dog & Panther
Vocal Recording by Ben West
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Artwork by Dog & Panther

Dog - Ian Sigmon
& - Ben Vrazo
Panther - John Katona

Additional Musicians:
Adam Bridgewater, Ben West, Blake Tereau, Bryan Pope, Dave Daniele, Greater Alexander, Ian Cassidy, Joel Desermeau, Josh Jouppi, Joseph Dugan, Ryan Sigmon, Shara Worden (of My Brightest Diamond)

Braeden Sawyer, Clinton Collister, Fara Di Noto, Megan Totman, Nicole Sigmon, Paul Zito, Sarah Sadovsky, Stephen Saputo, Trevor Katona



all rights reserved


Dog & Panther Michigan

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Track Name: The Lake
a lake at the center of the earth
holds the full attention
of every unloved soul
whether dead of cold
of hunger or hate or age
the bells rings
and the inside cave
the lake fills slowly
water rushes round my feet
a slow end coming
a second grave
more than beginning
harsher than the end

please dont beg i wont explain
the life i've lived, i'll do it again
please dont beg i wont explain
back to birth my crawl begins

this bed awaits me
then i see my friend
she worked at night
she waited her life
for the right, moment
to pull her out
and give her life
my friend had eyes once blue
now full of tears
the life she knew was through
so i held her hand
the water rose
our knees now cold
had i known her pain
i'd have held her close
i'd have made her bed
and touched her brow

every dark day that filled her life
like this lake, now neck high
the fact that i am here
i wont explain
so take your guess
and let it stay
her eyes cut through me
but never saw
the mirrors i wear
to block the gentle
from ever creeping in
Track Name: Bay Bee
you've got everything i want
and nothing i need
you're everything to everyone
and nothing to me

when we were young
white was a color
a christian sense of guilt
we earned our love

we faced ourselves
we faced the world
circles round our feet
black thread and pearls

i see in sounds
(i will be)
you only words
this will be our love
(you can't be yourself)
is all you heard

when what you've said
(after a while)
it's not what you've done
(i will be)
the bandages come off
and the blood runs

when we hold on
it's never fair
all the subtle looks
and branded stares

fall apart
then build again
pedestals appear
when faces red
Track Name: One Piece
i doubt
you dont
remember how we got warm
all the worry left your insides bare
the hair we cut stayed unswept for days
and even though you thought it was over
the remains filled you up and stole what was left

all of us is less you or me and more who we are as one piece

you doubt
i dont
think about you when you arent here

more misguided, clamoring hands
past names clawing, dragging us back
a dark form raised a cloud too dense
reason and soul slurred into one
and now that we're more than who we are
you and me, one piece of us all
Track Name: I Want Love
you never run when you should
you stand and take it
heels against the wall
eyes wet and naked

when's enough enough
when can i save you

i walk alone

we cant
hold our
selves up
our arms are weak
we cant
hold our
selves up
our legs might break

wood paneled walls
cheese cloth and staples
hide sisters hide
the wolves wont catch us

while the wind knocks the walls
while howling might shake us
the ground beneath our feet
is layers below us

humid summer warmth
in the pine tree fortress

the bike between my legs
tall socks and sneakers
ride faster, go
their words wont catch us

close your eyes and run
they'll see right through us

when's enough enough
when will you save us
Track Name: Something New
i want something new

you've never fought
another mind like this
held my breath for years
kept the beauty near
one man's passing hope
the picture turned and stretched
then we walked away
in either fear or shame

holding sticks not pens
we didn't write but dreamt
i didn't run but hid
knowing that these kids
wouldn't mask my brightest smile
so then i hid away
yeah, i hid away
Track Name: Made a Place
hold steady
you're almost through
there's more to you
you're stronger than we
knew the warm embrace
the close and safe
It's all because
we made this place

if all the wild in you
could be held for just one moment
i'd hold your face and say just what you're worth
and how you deserve
to never feel the weight of the world
on the softest shoulders ever known
draped in glass and never on their own

i hope you know what you're in for
beauty is seeing the end
Track Name: Take the Money
if i cashed in the years i put in
we'd be forever
if i stood by and let the monster in
we'd be together

every time i tried to make you mine
it never felt right
so i looked for more
and worked for more
and died inside a little more

if i stop by will you let me in?
i'll act better
if you dont mind, i need a place to hide
but not forever
Track Name: Walk Away
we dont love anything other than this

i don't wanna find another way of life
but i dont have a choice
now that i've walked away (from you)
Track Name: Ferndale, MI
i dont care where we go
but you better drive
i dont trust myself tonight

back there
those people
i never want to
see them again
Track Name: The Gardener
only ever and never gone alone
the empty undertaking stole below

held by nothing known or overgrown
our members hardly taken far from home

old i chose you, a flowered tree in fall
told to mind the thorns i grabbed them all

the gardener rushing, his hands wrapped a maul
close behind we felt the distance grow

in the early wool and warm
there's a light through the storm
down the wet path
there's no way back
from where we've gone

as we focus, the corners grow dull
sound and color blend a fiery hall

turning inward, frayed a cut chord
your branches wrap, leaves fill the holes
Track Name: Home
i don't feel like going out
take off your socks
come sit with me
let's talk

i don't wanna die
when you say you find
a better self in me
the twisted now feels right
if only miles away
if only you would stay
we'd fall if we could stand
you always make me say
i've done all i could do
i'll think things through
i like myself much more
when i smell like you

and all the world went through
the changes brought by you
a fundamental noise
we've heard and felt true joy

close your eyes and feel
the things around your body
all the weighted knees
and blades crumble free

(i dont feel much like going out come sit with me let's talk)

close your eyes and feel
the space around your body
every memory
of hiding, tuck your feet

(tear off your socks come sit with me let's talk)

close your eyes and feel
the skin around your body
gentle warm and breathe
you've found home, now sleep